Stream IIHF Hockey live online through the following links! The IIHF World Hockey Championships begin today. Cheer on your country no matter where you are with free online streaming!

The 2016 IIHF World Championship takes place in Russia this year and features 16 of the top hockey teams around the world competing for the chance at bragging rights! NHL players who are not currently participating in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are eligable to participate in the event.

The IIHF World Championship begins today and the round robin runs through May 17th with the playoff games to follow after that!

Stream IIHF Hockey live online through our guide below! But first, take a look at the two groups of teams:

Group A

  • Russia
  • Sweden
  • Czech Republic
  • Switzerland
  • Latvia
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Kazakhstan

Group B

  • Canada
  • Finland
  • United States
  • Slovakia
  • Belarus
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hungary

Stream IIHF Hockey Live Onling

  • Youtube (Official IIHF Source) – You can actually stream IIHF Hockey live directly from IIHF’s Youtube channel. However, the channel is geo-blocked in certain area and there is not a lot of clarity about where this is. Our recommendation is to try the official source first and see if that gives you access to clear 720p official streams!
  • – Batman Stream does a great job of organizing some high quality links so that you can stream IIHF Hockey live. They’ve created a custom page with all of the games listed!
  • /r/hockeystreams – The reddit community is always on top of great streaming sources so if you want to stream IIHF hockey and you can’t find a link, check out the hockeystreams subreddit and see what others have to say!

Stream IIHF Hockey Live Online through Kodi:

  • SportsDevil – SportsDevil scrapes live streams from multiple websites on the internet. Quality of streams is mostly 480p with some select HD links (Zunox).
  • Castaway – Similar to SportsDevil, Castaway scrapes streams from multiple websites on the internet. Unlike SportsDevil, new websites are constantly added and updated, giving a ton of variety.
  • VidTime – The Perch Picks and VT Sports section have been excellent for live sports streams and this might be your best option to stream IIHF Hockey live if they are showings it!

How are you streaming the IIHF World Championship online? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or by commenting below and we will make sure to let everyone know!


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Find A Stream does not host any streams on its website. All streams are on the external website links provided and we have no affiliation with them and we cannot guarantee the quality. Some of the stream websites listed are very aggressive with popup advertising. These sites earn revenue and stay alive from these ads, but you may want to consider an ad blocker.


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