Learn how to use your Playstation Vue interface on all devices (Roku, Android, PS) and access channels quickly in Playstation Vue today.

The Playstation Vue interface is in line with the style of Sony’s Playstation line for the past 5 or so years. The Playstation Vue interface has a similar grid system with a focus on images and metadata to spice up the look.

The Playstation Vue home menu has options in the corner to search, discover content, open up your TV guide, and change your settings. Below that you can view your timeline of upcoming shows, your favourites, channels, live TV options, and more.

Playstation Vue Interface – TV Guide

The Playstation Vue TV Guide will be a popular area for most, replacing the TV guide from your cable provider you are used to seeing. Channels are arranged on the top columns, which the current show on the top row and others following after that. This seems a little counter-intuitive compared to a traditional guide, which fits more channels onto a single screen.

Playstation Vue Interface – Channels

When you head into the Playstation Vue channels view, you’ll find plenty of options for filtering out to find the show you want. Search by genre, content length, age rating, shows from specific channels, popularity, and more. This lets you watch the shows you like to watch quickly and easily without hassle.

Playstation Vue – Search

Know exactly what you want? Use the Playstation Vue Search button in the top left corner of the main screen to find whatever you want to watch.

Playstation Vue – Settings

Configure your Playstation Vue interface, video and audio settings, and other parts of your service here.


For more information on Playstation Vue, check out our beginner’s guide for information.

Hopefully now you have a better idea about the Playstation Vue interface! Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if you have any questions.