Welcome to Find A Stream. If you’ve visited us before, you’ll notice a new layout and lack of posts, This post is an introduction to where we’ve been, what we’ve done, and where we are going.

Find A Stream started off as a website providing news on the latest movie streams. Without posting links directly, the idea was to inform fans about when movies in theatres leaked out in good quality. There are lots of websites on the internet on the web that do this already, but we had a tie in back to a Kodi add-on that mirrored movie quality with what was posted on the internet.

The issue with our approach was that Google and movie companies didn’t like us, even though we posted no links of any kind. None of our posts ranked in Google and we found it very hard to build an audience. Rather than spend a ton of effort, we have rebranded.

Cutting the cord is becoming more and more popular. Most users agree that not paying a huge monthly bill to a TV provider would be awesome, however they still want to watch TV on demand.

Companies like Sling, Hulu, Youtube, DirecTV, and Playstation have come out with internet TV packages aimed at cordcutters, but which one should you choose? Which one works in your area the best? Which one has the easiest interface? These are the questions that we want to answer. We want Find A Stream to help cord cutters connect with the content they want to watch. Get all of the information about each option available on the market BEFORE you subscribe and pay money to a service you don’t like.

In addition, there is an endless amount of rumours about Apple and Google and other companies offering internet TV packages. Let us keep track of that information and provide you with the tips and good information.

Apologies to those who are sad we won’t provide movie leak information, but that information is freely available if you do a simple Google search.

So, check out our home page and follow us on Twitter and Facebook today and come along for the ride. Let us help you cut the cord and connect to content.