You will soon be able to watch Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV and the Apple TV will be available to buy on Amazon. Read below for the information.

Apple is announcing at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 5th that you will soon be able to download Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV. The announcement is expected to happen during Apple’s keynote speed during the event.

Stay tune to our home page for news on when the Apple TV Amazon Prime Video app will go live, but this summer is a likely target date.

In equally good news, the Apple TV will soon be available for purchased on again. Amazon stopped selling the Apple TV in 2015, citing a lack of Amazon Prime Video incompatibility as their official reason why.

Apple and Amazon have been talking for a while about getting Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV, which carries other cord-cutting media apps which are popular. If you are an Amazon Prime Video subscriber, this should be music to your ears.

If you’d like to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video, click here.

The WWDC is a yearly conference where developers from around the world can come and view new and upcoming software packages being released by the world’s most famous companies, including Apple. Apple has traditionally used the WWDC to introduce its new iOS operating system. Beta access to the new iOS operating system usually opens up after their keynote speech, which allows fans to download and try it in beta form.

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